There is hereby incorporated by reference for the purpose of regulating traffic within the corporate limits of the City of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, that certain standard traffic ordinance known as the “Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities,” Edition of 2015, prepared and published in a book form by the League of Kansas Municipalities, Topeka, Kansas. No fewer than three copies of said Standard Traffic Ordinance shall be marked or stamped “Official Copy as Adopted by Ordinance No. 958,” and to which shall be attached a copy of this article, and filed with the city clerk to be open to inspection and available to the public at all reasonable hours. The sheriff’s department, municipal judge and all administrative departments of the city charged with enforcement of the ordinance shall be supplied, at the cost of the city, such number of official copies of such Standard Traffic Ordinance similarly marked, as may be deemed expedient.

(Code 1976, 15-101; Ord. 958; Code 2015)

(a)   An ordinance traffic infraction is a violation of any section of this article that prescribes or requires the same behavior as that prescribed or required by a statutory provision that is classified as a traffic infraction in K.S.A. 8-2118.

(a)   All traffic violations which are included within this article, and which are not ordinance traffic infractions, as defined in subsection (a) of this section, shall be considered traffic offenses.

(Ord. 958; Code 2015)

Section 33 of the Standard Traffic Ordinance of the City of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, is hereby amended by adding subsection (d) as follows:


(d)   No person shall operate a vehicle at a speed in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour within Swope Park, the public park of the City of Cottonwood Falls. Violation of this subsection shall constitute a traffic infraction.

(Ord. 894; Code 2015)