The police department of the city of cottonwood Falls, Kansas shall consist of regularly appointed police officers, one of whom shall be the police chief and such other necessary members as may be appointed by the mayor from time to time.

(Code 1976, 12-101; Code 2015)

The police chief shall have general charge and control of the police department. In the discharge of his duties, the police chief shall be subject to the orders of the mayor and shall perform such other duties as are prescribed or authorized by law or ordinance and as may be assigned by the mayor. All other police officers shall perform the law or ordinance or as may be assigned to them by the police chief and the mayor.

(Code 1976, 12-102; Code 2015)

Police officers while on duty shall devote their time and attention to their respective duties according to the ordinances of the city and laws of Kansas. It shall be their general duty at all times to the best of their ability to preserve good order, peace, quiet and to enforce the city ordinances and the laws of Kansas throughout the city. It shall be their further duty to arrest all persons found at any time, day or night, in the act of violating any such ordinance or law, or aiding or abetting any such violation. They shall make complaint against any and every person so arrested and shall cause such person to be brought to trial.

(Code 1976, 12-103; Code 2015)

The police chief, the assistant police chief and all policemen shall at all times have power to make or order an arrest with proper process for any offense against the ordinances of the city or the laws of Kansas and to arrest without process in all cases where any such offense shall be committed in his presence, and keep them in the county jail or other safe place to prevent their escape, until a trial can be had before the municipal court or other court having jurisdiction of the offense alleged.

(Code 1976, 12-104; Code 2015)

(a)   That the City of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, enter into a Law Enforcement Agreement with Chase County, Kansas, pursuant to K. S.A. 1979 Supp. 12-2904, pertaining to interlocal agreements.

(b)   That the responsibility of the City be and the same are enumerated in the Law Enforcement Agreement.

(c)   That the Law Enforcement Agreement be submitted to the Attorney General for approval as provided by law.

(Ord. 734; Code 2015)