(a)   The municipal judge is hereby authorized to assess court costs against either the defendant or the complainant in all matters brought before the court; provided that no court costs shall be assessed against a defendant who prevails and is found “not guilty” after trial before the court.

(b)   Court costs for the administration of justice in municipal court are hereby determined to be in the amount of fifty-four dollars ($54.00), which shall be in addition to fees and assessments required by State law.

(Ord. 832; Code 2015)

The municipal court shall, in addition to any other conditions of probation, parole, or any supervised diversionary agreement, or the defendant to pay a supervision or service fee in the amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00).

(Ord. 832; Code 2015)

(a)   The municipal court shall also assess as court costs the following items:

(1)   Witness fees in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) per day for subpoenaed witnesses and mileage at the standard city mileage rate for all mileage driven by a subpoenaed witness in excess of ten (10) miles.

(2)   In any case where a witness is called by the City and the City is charged a fee by the witness as an expert witness or by the Agency employing said witness, the actual amount of said fee.

(b)   For furnishing a certified transcript and/or record of conviction to be charged against the defendant if the case is appealed to District Court costs in the amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be assessed.

(c)   As additional costs, the Municipal Court shall add to the Court costs, expenses or assessments required of or charged to the City by the State of Kansas, any other government, or other entity relating to the municipal court proceedings.

(Ord. 832; Code 2015)

In any case in which the Defendant is approved for or placed on Diversion or Deferred Prosecution a Diversion Application fee in the amount of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) shall be assessed.

(Ord. 832; Code 2015)